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Alexander Lervik Bikupa mens watch, Australia mens blog

Alexander Lervik is a designer who, over the years, has created pieces for Swedish brands like Skandiform, ADEA and Moroso. The designer wanted to create a simple but bold jewellery and after six years of product development, including many variations and experimentation, the Bikupa watch was born. 

Launched during Stockholm Design Week, Lervik said, “watches have always interested me. It’s jewellery, with a function. A watch carries identity and you can describe a bit of who you are with it.”

The wrist watch comes with either tan or black leather wrist straps, perforated face in bronze, stainless steel or black metal and black, white or red hands that remain obscure behind the face. The perforate pattern sets the watch apart, looking part art and yet remains the role of a functional jewellery.

The same pattern is also seen throughout the latest range from Tingest – a venture founded by Lervik with designs produced by some of Sweden’s top designers, including chairs and pendant lamps.

During his tenure at Johanson Design, Lervik realised that the expertise and passion for craftsmanship was fading so he started the brand with a homeware range that is inspired by Nordic design heritage, a focus on natural materials, sustainability and ecology. 

The Bikupa watch seems like a natural progression from his furniture designs. Lervik said he wanted to design a unique timepiece in a way that hasn’t been done before. The wearer relies on alignment rather than numbers to tell time and it’s exciting to see Lervik’s innovation with this instrument. 

Alexander Lervik Bikupa mens watch, Australia mens blogAlexander Lervik Bikupa mens watch, Australia mens blog

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