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Standing out in the timepiece market can be tough but MMT, a brand started by French entrepreneur Baptiste Guedez and designer Thomas Letourneux, nails the game with their modern yet classic pocket and wristwatches.

Founded in 2011 with a range of pocket watches that Guedez and Letourneux developed in a factory in Hong Kong, the C series, a range of wristwatches, was introduced. MMT combines premium materials and distinctive case designs and is driven by minimal lines with volumes and proportions. The overall aesthetic offers users a sophisticated way of telling time.

The name MMT stands for memento, a word that reflects what the brand is about. A memento can be an object but what makes it special is the emotional value that comes with it, be it a person, a place and that’s what MMT hopes to achieve with their instruments.

While clean and pared back designs can sometimes be cold, Guedez and Letourneux use material and texture to ensure wearers get a warm and enjoyable experience with the watches. The wood encasing provides an earthiness feel with the inconsistent coloration and uneven surface.

The thing that makes MMT instruments tick the right boxes is the balance in design. Wood is a great material to use and – where many brands have failed to get it right – MMT has successfully merged sophistication with warmth, making this accessory easy to work with.

The collection starts at US$199 for a pocket watch and goes up to US$349 for the Revolution and Circles K ranges. MMT has an extensive range for such a young brand but when it comes to picking a watch, always go for the first one that jumps out at you.

MMT mens watches, Australia menswear magazine MMT mens watches, Australia menswear magazine MMT mens watches, Australia menswear magazine

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