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Spurred by an encounter with a vision-impaired fellow student asking for the time, founder Hyungsoo Kim started Eone with the intention to provide an instrument that allows the wearer to feel what time it is, not just see it.

The Bradley, Eone’s signature product, is an inclusive design that’s named after former Navy Lieutenant Bradley Snyder, who lost his sight while serving as a bomb defuser. Rather than give up his lifestyle, Brad went on to win two gold medals and silver in swimming at the Paralympics Game and this tenacity made him the spokesperson for the brand.

The brand teamed up with Kilimanjaro Blind Trust to create the special analog instrument which also contributes to a good cause. Every purchase of the Eone X KBT timepiece will give a blind child the opportunity to fully participate in school and increase access to education, creativity and independence.

The two ball bearings, in place of traditional hands, represent the hour on the side of the watch and on the face, the minute. Wearers can touch the position of the bearings, relative to upraised number lines on the face, and identify time. The metal balls are connected with magnets and move accordingly to a Swiss quartz movement beneath the timepiece face.

The body of the watch is made of titanium, giving it a sleek look that’s easy to work into your wardrobe. Eone offers interchangeable mesh, canvas and leather straps that allows wearers to change the look of the instrument.

While the brand has made social responsibility an integral part of its ethos, this timepiece benefits not only the vision impaired but also wearers who are used to traditional watches. Remember those lunch meetings that went on for too long and you couldn’t check your watch? Eone has now solved that issue.

Eone watch, Australia mens blogEone mens watch, Australia mens blogEone mens watch, Australia mens blog

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