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About Vintage mens watches, Australia mens blog

Watch brand About Vintage labels itself as carefully crafted watches in classic Danish design and there’s no better way of describing their aesthetic. Launched in 2015, the brand has not only gained the support of the Danish market but has garnered global attention as well.

Sebastian Skov and Thomas Andersen created the line from their passion for timepieces and classic design, and like many Scandinavian brands, minimalism, quality and details are fundamental to About Vintage’s branding.

The brand is releasing a new collection in November and will feature the same movement with a different dial designs for a unique look. Like its predecessor, simplicity and balance is key – the watches come in a classic style with updated modern details.

One of the missions for the brand is to create an affordable watch or a stand-in for the one you keep in your safety box (which you’ve probably spent a fortune on). The new collection starts at a decent $349 and comes delivered in a beautiful walnut wood case.

The founders also opened their first flagship store on Frederiksberg Alle in Copenhagen, one of Denmark’s most historic avenues, which aligns with the design and essence of the instruments.

You can always be assured that when the Scandinavians embark on building a brand, everything is well thought out from the aesthetics to the ethos. For About Vintage, it is to be relevant today, tomorrow and beyond and we can’t wait to see what their next journey would be like.

About Vintage mens watches, Australia mens blog
About Vintage mens watches, Australia mens blogAbout Vintage mens watches, Australia mens blog

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