How To Work Out While You Travel

Working out isn’t an easy habit. It requires a lot of effort and will power even when you have easy access to fitness equipment, workout clothes and personal trainers. But what do you do when you’re travelling?

Whether you’re a business traveller or travelling to experience different cultures, it’s possible to maintain a fitness routine. Here’s some tips and tricks to get you started and motivated.

1. Plan ahead

Planning is vital if you want to stay in shape while travelling. Since you know your itinerary, plan ahead and fit in your workouts during your trip. Determine when you will work out and make a schedule. You don’t have to write everything down, but come up with a general idea of when and where you will be working out. If you can’t fit in your regular regime, modify it and you’ll have your own special travel workout routine.

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2. Pack your gym gear

This sounds obvious but make sure to pack your gym equipment. It will serve as a reminder in case you forget about your plans to stay fit. Be smart when it comes to the selection – pack your shorts, t-shirts, pair of training shoes, shaker and a water bottle. These are essential items if you plan on working out.

3. Research

If you’re travelling for business or are more a traveller than a tourist, you can skip the attractions and sights and focus on discovering good fitness venues. Scope out gyms or fitness classes near your hotel before you leave. Enroll in some sort of fitness class that is available in that city or country. Be open-minded and try new classes – many tourists who visited Thailand claim that Muay Thai rocks.

how to work out while travel

4. Fun activities

Visiting some tropical paradise? Head down to the beach or pool for a swim. Swimming is an awesome exercise that works yours muscles without the stress on your joints and bones. Go for a hike or a bike ride if you happen to find yourself in a mountainous region. These are some simple and fun activities that also serves as awesome workouts.

5. Desperate times, desperate measures

Can’t find a facility to do your workouts? There are always exercises that you can do in your room. Stream your favorite workouts like strength trainings, HIIT workouts or yoga and get pumping.

It’s not necessary to sacrifice your workout routines just because you’re travelling. In fact, one of the best ways of beating jet-lag is hitting the gym or the pool. Your friends won’t even notice that you haven’t worked out as you usually did when you get back home.

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