Travelling With Kit Bencharongkul

If you think the stylish Kit Bencharongkul looks familiar, chances are, you’ve probably come across his Instagram profile or read about his celebrity status. A renown fashion photographer who’s shot for magazines like Elle, Numero, Harper’s Bazaar and L’optimum, he’s also known for a moustache that’s on fire.

When Kit’s not shooting editorials, he’s busy globe-trotting around the world. His #lifewelltravelled snaps are peppered with exotic landscapes, friends, parties and we’re jealous. We caught up with him – just before he jets off again, this time to NYC – for some handy travel tips.

How do you pack? Last minute packer or are you super organised?

Super last minute – I am always rushing to the airport!

Track pants for comfort – yay or nay?

Why not? But only at the gym or in the comfort of your own hotel room.

You’re a stylish guy. How do you balance style when travelling?

The older I get, I find myself going for sleek simplicity. Travelling in style can sometimes just be a nice, plain T-shirt and jeans – that combo can be very stylish yet is still comfortable.

Kit Bencharongkul, Thai fashion photographer

Using Instagram for travel references/inspirations, yay or nay?

Definitely! My friend Nanda ( @100gramsofsun ) is a great source of inspiration for me.

Tips for surviving a long haul flight?

Movies! If they don’t have any, load some onto your phone or laptop beforehand.

You travel a lot for both work and pleasure. How do you look after your health and grooming?

One of my travel tips is always carry medication just in case. Oh, and lots of toiletries.

Are you more of a beach resort or winter white vacation kind of guy?

That’s a difficult one. I’ll say tropical beach holiday in the summer and snow for the winter.

What’s your favourite hotel in the world?

I have a favourite in every city, but Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara in Abu Dhabi is one of my favourites of all time.

“Travelling in style can sometimes just be a nice, plain T-shirt and jeans – that combo can be very stylish yet is still comfortable.”

When you’re on holidays for pleasure, are you the kind who wake up early to go exploring or sleep in because you’re on vacation?

I’m NOT a morning person! So if I’m on holiday, I don’t like to wake up before 10am.

What’s one place on your bucket list that you would really like to cross off?

I just came back from Kenya a few months ago – that has always been on my bucket list so I can finally cross that off!

Kit Bencharongkul, Thai fashion photographer

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