The Guide To Travelling In Style

You’re checking out a style blogger’s recent trip to Paris – gasping at every splendid photo of iconic landmarks, chic cafes and decadent cakes – and bookmarking all the destinations for your France bucket list.

With each picture, you realise it isn’t just the romantic holiday destination that’s pulling your heartstrings; said blogger travels in style and appears fabulous in every image too. You question if life is fair – sorry hun, it isn’t.

Here’s a secret though: even if you’re nothing like an Aryan or Greek-God fantasy, own a banging bikini bod or sculpted torso, a little sleight of hand can turn tricks and make you spit Fergie’s G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S on repeat. We round up some tips on how to travel in style.

1. Over-pack and over-change

Those who say not to over-pack for a holiday obviously don’t have an extensive wardrobe, or know nothing about style. While you’re likely to shop and do damage to the credit card, consider the possibility that you might not.

What you really want to do is pack as much clothes as possible. Wear as many different outfits as you can in your photos so you can create the illusion that your holiday is never-ending.

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2. Wear the right clothes

Over-packing will give you the chance to put together different outfits but you’ll need pieces that are synonymous with fabulousness. I don’t necessarily mean high fashion or luxury items but clothes that pop

Think of it as your first date – you’ll want to look your best. A statement shirt or jacket has the ability to lift your outfit. If it’s a tropical getaway, and your propensity to show off bare skin is high, throw in accessories like hats, sunnies and jewellery and take your men’s resort wear from zero to hero.

3. Pose, turn, flaunt

You can always tell a seasoned blogger from someone who’s only starting out. Their broadened arms and elongated legs suggest motion and action, or somewhat intriguing high-fashion poses.

Now, I’m not asking you to cinch your torso with hands around the waist but you’d have to do better than smile with an Asian victory sign. Lay your elbow on someone’s shoulders or on your knees, sprawl yourself and use up every space you can, tilt your head at a slight angel and stare like you’re pining for a blueberry cheesecake. Your photographs will ooze style for sure.

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4. Keep it cool with sunglasses

Sunglasses aren’t simply used for shielding the glaring sun anymore; they’re adorn to give that je-ne-sais-quoi look. Pompous as they can be when worn indoors, sunglasses make you look hotter and ooze chic (blogger + sunnies = “Likes” success).

Although classic options can easily do the job, remember your aim is to evoke style envy so pick pieces that will turn up the volume in pictures. Mirrored lenses are on trend as are oversized frames – you’ll be the talk of the town wearing them in your photos.

5. Stay 80% budget, 20% luxury

You see style bloggers post pictures of hotels that are luxury goals and in comparison, your accommodation that hasn’t cost you three month’s worth of rent, is nothing to write home about and non-hashtag worthy.

But there’s a quick fix: stay at two accommodations, one which is equivalent or lower than what you are willing to pay for and another which will get the likes on social media. In these photos, Glenn and I stayed at W Singapore Sentosa Cove which is known for its luxury, whimsical and very Instagrammable deco.

Make sure to over-change your outfits for photos and stagger your social media posts just like many style bloggers.

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6. Only post quality images

Does the photo you’re about to post highlight your best angle, outfit and location? Is there enough light illuminating your face and surrounding, and are the colours popping?

You can be relaxing in a luxurious hotel with the best views but if you commit the mistake of sharing a poor quality image, you’ve wasted an opportunity to turn your mundane life into stylish travel goals.

Edit your images with Photoshop or apps like Camera+ or Snapseed to bring out the contrast and vibrance, and explore lights and angles so that your subjects and locations give major FOMO.

The thing to remember is, a style blogger’s ultimate goal is to fill you with aspirations. While portraying stylish travel takes effort, what they do isn’t rocket science and as long as you follow this cheat sheet, you can become the subject of fab-envy.

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Tyler Kenny
Reply July 5, 2016

Great post! I always overpack so now I'm glad you've justified my logic! Will be sure to keep this in mind as I head on my first ever press trip :)

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