How Travel Changes Your Life

Going overseas is a fantastic experience which can provide many great memories with friends, family and complete strangers. Travelling exposes you to new cultures, new ideas and builds a variety of personal experiences that shape who you’ll become. The positive effects of travelling can create well-rounded individuals and change people for the better. Here’s how.

1. Broaden your perspective

The western world is incredibly lucky. We have easy access to fresh running water, great food and above average healthcare. We live a relatively free existence without the threat of war on a daily basis. After seeing how some of the locals in less fortunate countries live, problems like not being able to afford that new phone for a few weeks or being single for too long seem incredibly insignificant.

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2. Exposure to different cultures

Travelling and experiencing different cultures can expand your views. Bigotry, intolerance and prejudice fade away. Realising how big the world is and how similar we all are despite our differences is a humbling experience. It makes you understand that other cultures see the world differently and, in the process, you’ll see life from a new perspective you’d never considered before.

3. Set new challenges

Travelling is not easy, even more so when you’re travelling as a couple. More often than not, something will go wrong and you have to adapt quickly. Whether it be working out how to communicate to a non-English speaking doctor about a snake or trying to navigate food around your allergies in a country, most people come out of these experiences, stronger and more confident in their abilities. That’s another reason why travelling is good for your health.

4. Squash out negativity

Stuck in a rut and hate your job? Getting over a bad break up? Travelling can be excellent for getting out of bad experiences and situations. Travelling doesn’t give you time to dwell on the past. Each day is a new adventure. Travelling will improve your temperament even if you need to beat jet lag and you’ll return a renewed, generally happier person.

5. Learning by doing 

Some things are better learnt by doing. Meeting other people, making friends with strangers, learning a new language by speaking it every day or climbing a monumental mountain can enrich your life with an experience that no education could ever provide. Life is meant to be enjoyed and experienced not read about in books or on the internet.

Going overseas can be a fun experience but the positive effects of travelling can also help create better-rounded, opened minded individuals in the process along. It’s not for everyone but there are some great things in this world so go and see as much as they can!

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