The Best International Cuisine In New York

New York City is known for its outstanding culinary scene. And perhaps more than anything else, this entails an embrace of different types of food from all over the world. To name all of the best places for international food in this big city would be impossible, but here are some recommended restaurants to try across the NYC districts.

Italian Food

Let’s get the most obvious selection out of the way. New York is probably better known for its Italian cuisine than for any other type of food. A high population of Italians and Italian-New Yorkers over the decades has led to the establishment of countless authentic Italian venues, from the Little Italy area in downtown Manhattan to pizza joints all over the city (and the rest of the state for that matter).

Choosing a specific place to enjoy Italian food in the city can be very difficult, but we’ll note a few restaurants. Lately, Del Posto has garnered a lot of acclaim, and is known as a fine, fancy Italian eatery. As one review at The Infatuation puts it, you’ll be treated like you’re at a five-star European hotel while dining there. As for pizza, try Roberta’s and Di Fara in Brooklyn and the famous Lombardi’s in Manhattan.

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Chinese Food

Chinese and other Asian-inspired dim sum has become one of the trendiest types of international cuisine in the western world. Dim sum places are emerging in cities around America – including New York which is well known for its Chinatown area – and the tasty dumplings have almost become sushi-like in terms of how they’re culturally embraced.

Case in point, a selection of Micrograming titles hosted by Irish gaming platform SlotSource now includes a “Win Some Dim Sum” slot alongside the game “So Much Sushi.” When a type of food becomes a theme on an internet game, you know it’s popular.

Chinatown’s Wo Hop is undoubtedly the most famous Chinese restaurant in town, and possibly still the best. But for some of the best dim sum, head to Hop Shing in Chatham Square or Dim Sum VIP in the heart of Chinatown.

Indian Food

With so many different spices and flavour profiles, Indian cuisine is an appealing challenge for accomplished chefs in many major metropolitan areas. Some argue that London actually has better Indian food than most places in India. And in the U.S., San Francisco has made a push for some of the best Indian. But rest assured, New York is on the list as well.

Bengal Tiger is a favorite Indian restaurant in New York, a fairly casual establishment that benefits from an excellent location at the lower end of Central Park. For that matter, neighboring establishment Indian Accent is another great option a little on the higher end.

New York truly is a melting pot of international cuisine. There’s excellent Mexican food, both on a casual and high-end level. Many people also don’t realize that there’s actually a Koreatown in midtown Manhattan, in addition to the far more famous Chinatown. And other trendy cuisines like Hungarian and Ethiopian food can be found dotted around town as well. There really is no end to the list in a city that’s as good as any in the world for foodies. 

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