The 5 Travel Tips You Need

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If you’re one of the many who incessantly dreams about your next ski adventure or tropical holiday, all these while staring at spreadsheets or that proposal which you’ve been putting off – I hear you.

While wanderlusting and actual travelling can evoke a sense of euphoria, the reality is, a lot of strategic planning is involved to ensure you get the best holiday. Having travelled enough to know better, I’ve put together my top 5 tips on how to travel like a pro.

1. Take your charger everywhere

Forget about those who tell you that travelling is the best time to disconnect and recharge. If there’s anything that you should recharge, it’s your mobile phone for one very good reason – Google Maps.

I rely heavily on the App to navigate around in a new country and knowing that Google Maps drains battery like a vampire, I carry my charger everywhere I go.

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2. Downgrade to last class

Can’t afford to fly first class, or aren’t charming enough to seduce your way to an upgrade? Check if the flight is full and consider getting re-allocated.

Chances are, there’ll be plenty of seats at the back of the plane, if it isn’t full. Think about it – most passengers would choose to sit towards the front because they’ll be eager to disembark as soon as they arrive. You’ll be surprised at what extra space and the ability to have a nap can do.

3. Pack a laundry bag

You wouldn’t mix your dirty laundry with your fresh clothing so why would you just because you’re travelling? Pack a bag specifically to store worn socks, tees and underwear and keep the nasty smell and dirt away.

The guys behind Away luggages obviously know that this is one thing that many forget so they’ve built in a laundry bag with their travel baggage. It’s made from nylon so you can even chuck your wet bathers inside.

4. Get acquainted before you fly

Social media isn’t simply about those #lifewelltravelled images. It’s also full of like-minded people who are willing to give you the local lowdown.

While being open to meeting strangers and learning a thing or two is great when you’re travelling, nothing beats taking advice and recommendations from someone local who already knows you enough. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook – start reaching out today.

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5. Anything but black

The last thing you want to think about, after a long haul flight, is dealing with baggage claim. And yet, we always find ourselves at the luggage carousel competing with passengers who had all bought identical black bags.

Make your life easier and opt for a non-black option. You can also customise your bags or secure name tags for easier identification. It’s not so much about identifying your baggage that’s the problem; it’s someone wrongly walking away with what’s yours that’s the trouble.

’ll be lying if I said Glenn and I don’t get into each other’s faces when we’re travelling – we’re a normal couple like everyone else. While nothing ever runs smoothly, we have however stuck with these tips to alleviate any stress and frustrations and so far, they’ve helped.

What advice do you have or use to stay in control while travelling? Do you also have items that are absolute must-pack when you go away? There are a few travel essentials that I never leave home without, and for good reasons – can you guess what they are?

Away luggage, Affordable luggage, Thom Browne hat

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