5 Ways to Make the Most Out Of Your Trip to Australia

Australia is home to stunning landscape, friendly locals, beautiful resorts and great must-do experiences. Packed with towering mountains, crashing waterfalls, deserts and rainforests, it should be on top of your list of places to visit.

Planning a trip to Australia? We share some tips on how make the most out of your trip!

Explore the Great Barrier Reef

The country is home to the renowned Great Barrier Reef, and your Australian trip would not be complete without seeing it. What’s impressive is the fact that you can view it from the moon.

Ensure you dive below the blue waters and discover over 300 coral types and 1,500 fish species. And just as The Secret Traveller reveals in Five Reasons To Learn To Dive On a Gap Year series at 1Cover, you will experience a new world.


You may have skydived somewhere else, but it’s not the same as free-falling over Sydney or Cairns. You might think that it’s a dangerous affair, but you need not fret. Facts indicate that about 3.1 million skydives get recorded every year with less than 1% of fatalities.

Cruise along Great Ocean Road

At 243km long, the famous Great Ocean Road is full of beautiful scenery and wildlife to see. Waterfalls are many along the way, and they leave you enjoying a sense of freshness.

You get to see different plants and animals that make you appreciate nature, and you can stop by the rainforests to enjoy fresh cold air and the green scenery. 

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Surf on Bondi Beach

Famous for being one of the most popular beaches in the world, Bondi Beach stretches more than a kilometre in length. You get to surf alongside different enthusiasts from around the world. If you don’t know how to surf, don’t worry! There are many schools in Sydney that teach surfing

Visit Kangaroo Island

Seeing Kangaroos hopping about in Kangaroo Island will blow your mind. Just like the name suggests, you get to come face-to-face with live kangaroos in their natural habitat. It’s located near the Adelaide coast, and studies indicate that it’s the third largest island in Australia.

There are nine international gateways in Australia with excellent internal connections. You could enter the country at one coast and fly home on the other side to maximise the number of extraordinary things and places you get to see.

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