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Taylor Boardshort Co, mens mint green swimwear, mens swim shorts, Australia mens blog

Sand, sea, summit and sky – these are the four elements that inspire Taylor Boardshort Co, an Australian mens swimwear brand. It began when a group of friends couldn’t find anything in the market that suited their lifestyle. There aren’t shorts in the market that considered form, function and affordability at the same time, and the brand set out to design swimwear that took into all these considerations.

For their first collection, the brand has released four pastel styles that are as unmistakable as they are sophisticated. For the guy who wants to cliff-jump or head to the bar after a beach day, the European inspired slim fit shorts are designed to be versatile and worn everywhere and anywhere.

The shorts are are bold and distinct and the construction has a modern tailored approach. Made from 100% polyester microfibre, the material has a quick-dry property which eases the transition from beach to bar or wherever your life takes you. A tailored approach is used to finish the shorts – bartack reinforces stress areas, polyester mesh lining is used for comfort and side fasteners allow the shorts to be adjusted to a fefined look.

To complete the beach lifestyle experience, the shorts come with a matching beach bag where you can keep your essentials while the bag keeps you in style. I chat to the guys at Taylor Boardshort Co and find out where they are heading and how adventure is also at the heart of the brands ethos.

Taylor Boardshort Co, mens mint green swimwear, mens swim shorts, Australia mens blog Taylor Boardshort Co, mens mint green swimwear, mens swim shorts, Australia mens blog

– Tell me about Taylor Boardshort Co. How did the brand come about?

We’re a group of friends that couldn’t find a swim short that suit our lifestyle, so we made it ourselves. While there are tonnes of multi-purpose products in the market, none really hit the sweet spot of function and form at the right price.

You could have functional, good-looking shorts but you’d have to pay for them; you could have cheap, good-looking shorts but they don’t work and last. Or you could have high-quality, good-looking, expensive shorts but you’d be so afraid of ruining or tainting them that they’re not much better for taking a selfie in.

– There are a lot of mens swimwear brands nowadays. What’s special about Taylor?

We wanted swim shorts to go further than the beach, just like our day often does from an early surf in the morning to drinks with friends in the afternoon. We think of them as shorts without limitations, shorts to take us further, no matter what the day throws at us.

Your day may change, but your shorts don’t have to. This is the reason why all our shorts come with their own beach bag/backpack. You can pack everything you need. Go Pro, towel, button up short for the evening and jumper.

– Looking at the imagery, the brand really aligns with adventures. How important is that ethos for Taylor?

It’s very important. We don’t often know where our day is going to begin, let alone end, so having a pair of shorts that can take us everywhere is pivotal. Hence our tag, #ForEveryWear

An adventure can be anything for anyone – a day at the beach leading to a few drinks somewhere or exploring the latest cliff-jumping spots. Our shorts are for the guy who’s got somewhere to go and something to do. He just wants to look good while he’s doing whatever it is he does.

– Where do you see the brand in the next two to three years?

We’d like to evolve the current range and introduce new ranges. We’re also prototyping other products to go into. We’ve got an idea to put real life photographic prints on the shorts down the track which could be cool.

One thing we want to do is involve our community in the design process. Whether it be a pattern or print selection from someone in our community or design input from the community, who knows. Either way we’d like it to be as collaborative as possible.

Taylor Boardshort Co, mens pink swimwear, mens swim shorts, Australia mens blog

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