Mocha Salt Swimwear

Mocha Salt, mens swimwear, Australia mens blog Mocha Salt, mens swimwear, Australia mens blog

Mocha Salt is an Australian brand that was born out of passion and to bridge the gap between versatile swimwear and smart casuals. Their tailored shorts are cut from premium quick-dry material, crafted with attention to detail and manufactured in Sydney, one pair at a time. Perusing the lookbook, it is easy to forget that these on trend shorts are actually made for the water as they are the sort of everyday  shorts that you could wear anywhere and everywhere as well.

Mens swimwear has regained popularity over the last few years and brands are emerging with trunks and shorts that serve both functionality and aesthetic. The fit is becoming more tailored and the prints are getting more thoughtful as guys gain more wealth in satortial knowledge and Mocha Salt is one of the few who is getting it right.

Made from high quality Japanese fabric of cotton and nylon, the shorts are light in water and quick drying. While some swimwear brands come up with some rather bold and statement prints, Mocha Salt chooses a more subtle approach –  graphic patterns and colours that have a more refine edge while speaking equal volume as their vivid counterparts.

I recently sat down with the brand to find out the brand’s vision and where they see themselves in 5 years and I know who I definitely will be wearing this summer. Guys, there is no acceptable excuse to be wearing embarrassing, ill-fitting shorts that do nothing for your posterior nor your well-toned stems.

Mocha Salt, mens swimwear, Australia mens blog

– How did Mocha Salt come about? Where did the name come from?

It was summer and I was looking for something that would take me through the day rather than just into the water. Rather than carrying separate shorts for swimming, hiking and city, we aimed to combine them into one without compromising on functionality or style.

The name is a reference to Moby Dick; the story of captain Ahab and his obsessive pursuit of a destiny that he knows will likely be the end of him. I thought if we could bring that passion, that determination to making swimwear then it would be worth it.

– There are a lot of menswear swimwear brands these day. What sets Mocha Salt apart from others?

Our approach is quite different – we started with designing stylish city shorts and then we made them more durable and suitable for swimming, rather than making a pair of swimmers and then adding that they can be worn in the city as an afterthought.

– “Made in Sydney” is one of the first things I noticed about the brand. How important is this to the authencity of the brand?

Making locally makes sense for us as it is the only way to guarantee the quality of our shorts – we visit our partners often and oversee every part of the process. It also allows us to manufacture in small batches and make updates quickly.

– Where do you see the brand in 5 years?

We’d like to extend into more areas of menswear where we can make a difference. We’ll take it one step at a time though.

– How has the attitude towards mens swimwear changed in the last few years?

Men are becoming more aware of what they wear on the beach or by the pool; there’s a trend towards more tailored, shorter shorts which suits us well. In general, tailored clothing makes you look that much better, and that goes for every body type and occasion, including the beach.

Mocha Salt, mens swimwear, Australia mens blog Mocha Salt, mens swimwear, Australia mens blog

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