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Once in awhile, you come across a creative whose works are so sublime, you instantly believe that there’s hope for this fame-thirsty generation again. Matt Chu (@mattchuupicchu), whose Instagram account recently surpassed 20k followers, is the modern romantic that I knew I had to meet when I came across a photo of him effortlessly swinging up a storm in a cape.

Known for his vibrant outfits and editorial eye, we (finally) collaborated on a feature where we attempt to challenge the current state of menswear and blogging. Chu also opens up about his thoughts on gender norms and where he would like to go next with his blog.

Tell me about your style. 

I tend to think of not having a style so I can approach fashion open-mindedly and explore options I haven’t tried before. That said, I do gravitate towards all things playful, romantic and whimsical.

While most bloggers/influencers have an uninspired approach to their outfits and images, yours have a very thematic direction. Tell me more about your concepts and thought process.

Prior to blogging, I spent years taking fashion photos. So when I launched my site, I wanted to carry over that thematic approach to make sure my photos stand out from the saturated blogging market. Lots of my shoots are based off personal humour and thoughts I think of everyday. I try to turn them into reality by putting together an outfit that supports the idea.

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It’s interesting how we both showed up to this shoot with red items, even though we hadn’t planned it.

Red is not necessarily my favorite colour but I’m drawn to it. Out of the RGB spectrum, it is the most eye-catching. It’s also the colour that will get you the most attention on dating profiles.

Tell me about your ensemble.

This outfit features a lace track jacket from Ganni, the central piece of the look. To accentuate the romantic sports luxe, I paired it with a simple pair of denim and a classic shearling jacket to stay warm. To unify the track jacket’s colour blocking, I threw in red accessories.

“Lots of my shoots are based off personal humour and thoughts I think of everyday.”

You do have a knack for putting together colours and prints really well.

I draw inspiration from my art background, including color theory, proportions and experimentation. There’s no magic formula to it, but as long as I stay open-minded, I usually find myself liking the result.

What do you think of menswear at the moment? I see it moving in a very interesting direction but not necessarily as quickly as it should.

The menswear industry is in a transition phase – guys paying more attention to what they wear and how they carry themselves. It’s a byproduct of weathered gender norms that traditionally kept men from “feminine” elements like prints and interesting silhouettes.

Nevertheless masculinity has had such a long history that there is always more to learn from womenswear like the use of materials, exotic prints and even intricate beading work.

Thom Browne womens hat, Gentle Monster Erok sunglasses, mens red gloves, Matt Chu Picchu

Judging by your Instagram feed, you have an amazing and eclectic wardrobe. Where do you shop?

I actually don’t buy in-stores that often unless the shipping costs are exorbitant. Many times, I find myself on European online retailers since they carry the most fashion forward and innovative pieces. Shopping online also provides price comparison and sizing availability advantages that I often don’t find in-stores.

Are there brands that you gravitate to or do you buy pieces as long as you like them?

I love Gucci, Loewe and Dries Van Noten, I wish I could buy anything I like – I’m still a college student – but that also forces me to buy items for style rather than for its label, to achieve the looks I want.

Any fashion mantra that you stick with?

If you like it, wear it. As long as you wear it with confidence, its 99.9% guaranteed you’ll look good.

What wouldn’t you be caught dead wearing?

Nothing really. I would’ve said Crocs, but Christopher Kane is attempting to make them fashionable. Quite often, the things I initially find ugly, they grow on me eventually.

And what’s next for Matt Chu Picchu? Where do you see the blog and your Instagram profile going?

As I’ve gained a sizeable following on Instagram over the past year, my goal is to collaborate with more creatives and brands to deliver my aesthetic values. I also hope Instagram will allow me to work with people I’ve never imagined working with, but that may be the distant distant future. In the meantime, I’ll continue to enjoy creating content.

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