Pillow Talk With J Tyler Whitmer

Knowing how to take the perfect bedroom selfie in one’s underwear is an art form and that’s why we love J Tyler Whitmer for it. Comments come streaming when he shares them on Instagram – some about his nicely decorated bedroom or poise posture and the rest, well, let’s just say that his followers are a thirsty bunch.

A quick scroll through the Instagram star’s feed reveals that J Tyler has an appreciation for interior decor, cute cafes and the finer things in life. Having garnered a huge following – and no doubt, several propositions – we chatted to this dynamic wunderkind about his in-bed series and unsolicited NSFW pictures.

Tell me about J Tyler. What do you do besides being an Instagram star?

I actually do musical theatre for a living. I sing, dance, tumble and I love it. I’ve been doing this professionally for about 11 years. It’s possibly the gayest career I could have chosen to pursue so I feel pretty good about it.

“My body is pretty average but I photograph it in a sensual, artistic way which is what I think people respond to.”

You have over 55k Instagram followers but I’m guessing a large number of them just wants to see you naked. Do you find that annoying or empowering?

BOTH! I love taking photos of many different things but the half naked pictures are the ones that get the most engagement. I get absolutely annoyed with that. Like, come on people, there is more to life than a naked body and there are millions of accounts that only post hot naked men every single day.

Surely, you love the attention and that’s why you continue to post those half naked photos?

Of course, but I am just proud of the work I put in to look the way that I do and I want to capture it in a picture. My body is pretty average but I photograph it in a sensual, artistic way which is what I think people respond to.

How did you come up with the in-bed series?

Honestly, I don’t remember. I posted a photo of me in my bed and received a lot of response – not just about me, but about my apartment as well. I love design and thought this was perfect. I get tons of natural light flooding my bedroom all day which makes it easy to take photos. I do get bored with it sometimes though, or feel like I’m just taking the same photo over and over again.

But that’s exactly what the lustful guys want to see. Speaking of lust, you must receive tons of unsolicited dick pictures too?

Yes and I hate it! I’m one of those weird gays who HATES dick pics. One just popped up in my DM yesterday and I almost died. If guys knew how to photograph their penises, it would be a different story. But when they use a flash on their lubed up, veiny member and send it to me, I just can’t deal with that.

What about DMs? Tell me about some of the interesting messages you’ve received.

There was this guy named Peter and we talked all the time about anything and everything. I knew I was really important to him. The conversations eventually moved from Instagram to WhatsApp because he lived in London.

I slowly discovered Peter was married with kids though we never talked about it. I also soon realized he was “dating” another one my followers who then bombarded me with slanderous messages and accused me of being a homewrecker. He continued that I was known for doing this and many people had blocked me. Apparently they were running away to NYC to get married and demanded that I didn’t interfere.

“I’m one of those weird gays who HATES dick pics.”

That’s such a crazy story! Did you ever speak with Peter again?

When they were in NYC, Peter’s boyfriend found me on Facebook and sent a message to make sure I wasn’t in the city. I live in Chicago but yeah, people are nuts. He had blocked Peter from ever finding me so I never got to say goodbye which was sad, but I am sadder for his life.

I suppose that’s the downside of social media, isn’t it? It breaks down barriers and connects us but the trollers, haters and just about anyone crazy also become very prevalent.

I am the most transparent person you’ll ever meet – I’ve nothing to hide so I don’t understand people who have these secret lives. I’ve encountered men being shady with me but it’s not my problem, it’s theirs.

But in all honesty, most people on Instagram are pretty “normal” and I’ve developed amazing relationships with some of them. There are a handful of guys that I talk to every day and I love that.

Now I’m sure you get sent underwear. If you could only wear one pair for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

It’s actually this black and white pair of Armani that this really annoying daddy bought for me a couple years ago…. I am obsessed with the way they fit.

A lot of guys out there must be dying to know – are you single and available to mingle?

Very single. I’m always up to mingle but I also love being single.

If a guy had to seduce you with a song, what would it be?

“It All Fades Away” from The Bridges of Madison County. It’s extremely gay but it hits my core and basically would show that he’s obsessed with me.

And if you were a movie, what would it be?

Bring it On. Because!

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