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Because, legs opened wide and ready to cut.  Leather jackets are often associated with subcultures such as motorcyclists, military aviators, metalheads, punks and it is no wonder that fashionistas are using them to portray an intimidating appearance and to achieve that essence of cool. However a leather jacket is not an easy garment to pull […]
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Because channelling that pensive in black and white. While there are some fashionistas who religiously embrace black only like most Australians embrace vegemite, it is highly not recommended to wear a fully black ensemble unless you are one of those living such a lifestyle. A head-to-toe black outfit can suggest laziness and come across as […]
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Because, he on the phone to no one in front of an artistic installation. More phone posing here.  These days guys are more conscious of their sartorial choices and often dress up in button-up shirts, tapered trousers, dress shoes etc. With that trend becoming a common sight, it is proving a challenge to stand out […]
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