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Because, morning power walk in a (jump)suit. High fashion labels have sent male models in jumpsuits down the runway over the years but have never seem to turn them to commercial success. Mention mens jumpsuits and most guys would instantly think of tradesmen (oil change, anyone), sportsmen (skiers, Formula One drivers) or animal onesies. A […]
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Because, the birds. With easier accessibility to digital printing, more designers and brands are crafting statement looks by using distinct bold prints. A vibrant printed shirt can make you stand out from the crowd for the right reasons but many still prefer the comfort of a check or stripe casual shirt as the thought of teaming a […]
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Because, mint and micro print. Let’s be honest, mint is an underrated colour when it comes to mens fashion. It belongs to the pastel family and most guys are still somewhat adversed to this soft, washed-out tone. Despite exuding an element of milkiness, mint has a fresh and crisp edge. It exhilarates as much as […]
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  Because, exotic vacation here I come. Travelling is essential to one’s mental health but many seem to forget that travelling in style is equally important. Most men would think that being sartorially correct is the last important thing as holidays are about relaxation and not about being stifled with attire. Dressing the part sounds […]
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