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Because, fashun in rain. When it comes to long jackets and coats, we are accustomed to the greys, navys and blacks on guys. There are the occasional checks, greens and reds but rarely the bright colours that guys would avoid for fear of being taken less seriously or attracting too much attention. A vibrant jacket […]
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Because, into the blue.  Monotone is the style of wearing a singular colour or similar shades in an ensemble (and not the trend of pairing black, white or grey which is monochrome, something that some still get confused with). The idea sounds simple effortless but many are challenged by the prospect of finding pieces that […]
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Because, not your usual kind of checks.  The check shirt has become a staple like the white shirt for many guys. From micro checks to tartans, gingham to vibrant plaids, check shirts are a great addition to the wardrobe as they offer an air of ruggedness and casual aesthetic while maintaining a sense of formality. […]
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Because, jacket and shorts like it’s hot and cold.  Do you sometimes flip through magazines and question what is going on when male models are wearing jackets with shorts? It does not make sense on a functional level and you ask like everyone else if he is hot or cold. Let’s clarify it once and […]
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