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Beyene is a Swedish footwear brand based in Stockholm whose motto is to produce footwear that combines superior craftsmanship with timeless aesthetics. Designer Adam Abraha’s desire and passion to create a lasting impression with the footwear resulted in the minimal and contemporary design. The name Beyene is a homage to someone dear to Abraha – someone that is […]
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JDRT is an Australian brand founded by Joel Davis and Rhys Thomas, style enthusiasts who wanted to step outside the daily corporate grind. The inspiration for the brand is not simply to escape and to find excitement in something they love doing but also to create something that is individual, versatile and lasting. The boys were […]
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Glints is an English optical brand that was born out of an obsessive love for eyewear. The brand takes its name from the old English term “glint” – a reflection that is noticeable when somebody wearing glasses moves their head. A will to share their passion, knowledge and expertise with consumers saw the birth of […]
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Because, (who doesn’t love a) rainbow gradient shirt. A statement shirt is all you need to lift your game and create a little pizzazz in an otherwise ordinary outfit. Statement shirts can come in the form of colours, fabrication, silhouette but most designers use bold prints and graphics to create that visual impact. While it is […]
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