Only the fashion would drape

Neil Barrett shoes, Acne suede jacket, mens floral trousers, mens flat lay, Sydney Australia mens blog, Linda Farrow glasses, Topman floral tie

Because, only the fashion would drape.

Floral has flourished steadily over the last few seasons and when it is is seen on influential men like Nick Wooster and Simone Marchetti, it is easy to understand how this pattern has fast become a menswear staple.

Unlike checks and stripes, floral is a vivid, bold print and the potential to err with it is higher. It is often necessary that you balance the outfit with a subdue contrast and allow the floral pattern to make the statement. In other words, you do not want to over-do it unless it is your intention.

At the same time, knowing how to wear floral is not rocket science and it can be adopted easily into your wardrobe. Next time, you feel the need to step away from the checks and stripes and adorn floral, try

1) wearing a white or black shirt to create a subdue contrast
2) juxtaposing it against a snapback cap or sneakers to achieve a sporty look
3) matching a similar floral print accessory with the main floral garment you are wearing (floral tie, floral shoes, floral snapback)

Neil Barrett shoes, Acne suede jacket, mens floral trousers, mens flat lay, Sydney Australia mens blog, Linda Farrow glasses

Shirt Topman | Trousers Orri Henrisson | Jacket Acne | Belt ASOS | Tie Topman | Shoes Neil Barrett | Hat Hederus | Glasses Linda Farrow

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