On the phone to no one too

Prada white shirt, Comme Des Garcons pouch, Maison Martin Margiela shoes, menswear blog

Because, he on the phone to no one. (More phone posing here).

Statement shoes can easily lift an uninspiring outfit as long as they are the only statement piece.
Unless it is a specific theme that you are going for, wearing excessive statement pieces in a single look will
minimise the potential for individual pieces to stand out. Knowing how to keep a look simple is equally important
as knowing how to put it together.

By the same token, wearing statement shoes as a last resort in hopes that it will spruce up your outfit will
only accentuate your laziness and uncoordinated thoughts. However here are 3 foolproof tips if you are
uncertain about the best approach to wearing statement shoes. Next time, try

1) wearing a crisp white shirt (which will act as blank canvas for the shoes to pop)
2) keeping uniformity by teaming trousers, jacket or accessories that mirror details of the shoes (same colour, texture etc)
3) adhering to a classic or sporty silhouette (a familiar style will alleviate confusion and allow on-lookers to focus solely on the statement piece).

Prada white shirt, Comme Des Garcons pouch, Maison Martin Margiela shoes, menswear blog, Swatch watch, flat lay, Australia mens blog

Shirt Prada | Jeans Prada | Shoes Maison Martin Margiela | Clutch Comme Des Garçons | Sunglasses Prada | Watch Swatch

Prada white shirt, Comme Des Garcons pouch, Maison Martin Margiela shoes, mens fashion illustration,

Turning life and fashion into art wearing Comme Des Garçons Wallet, Maison Martin MargielaPrada

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