Layer on layer

Because, jacket over jacket.

When it comes to layering during the colder months, most would instinctively pair knitwear with a jacket. A wool cardigan under a blazer or a heavy weight cotton jumper under a coat, this style of layering is more common than laying a jacket over another (although this isn’t uncommon if you think about business suiting layering).

While jacket over jacket layering is relatively limited to the suit group, what is even less common is layering a blazer over a long coat. Although the silhouette might puzzle many (short over long jacket is like eating dessert before the main), there is a sense of satisfaction for eating sweet over savoury first.

When you are audacious enough to try your hands on jacket over coat layering, try

1) sticking to a dapper look (if you screw up, you can always rely on a smart look to bring you back)
2) working with neutral or similar tones (allow the silhouette and difference in length to speak for itself)
3) owning it like a boss.

Shirt Topman | Trousers Topman | Blazer Alpha60 | Jacket Orri Henrisson | Tie Topman | Tie Bar ASOS | Belt ASOS | Brooch Acne | Glasses 3.1 Phillip Lim | Shoes Carven

Layer on layer.

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August 13, 2014

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