3 ways to wear your Polo Shirt

If there was one thing we could count on in fashion, it’s the unpredictability. One minute, a certain garment will be regarded as a wardrobe must-have, only for it to be deemed one dimensional the next. While polos never really went ‘out of style’, the popped collar look was too pretentious to be pulled off by anyone who wasn’t a prep school jock or stuck up Ivy Leaguer. Although a status symbol of sorts and a firm fixture in pop culture, Rachel Greenberg took it to Today to explain, “The truth is, they just don’t look very good on most men. Too casual to be dressy and too sporty to be stylish.”

Despite unpopular opinions, brands like J.Crew have collaborated with Lacoste — the brand that has been described on Lyst as the ultimate representative of preppy chic — to redefine the significance of this controversial clothing item. So whether you love them or hate them, they’re sticking around for good.

Luckily, you can get away with a polo outfit off the golf course and tennis courts without looking like a pompous jerk. So keep those collars down, gentleman, and keep the following style tips in mind.

Keep it monochromatic

One of the simpler ways to take the preppy vibe out of a polo ensemble is by making sure that everything belongs in the same colour family. Obviously, an all-white outfit is a no-go, unless you’re off to the Australian Open or a white out party. Try pairing navy blue shorts with a matching polo with black oxfords, as pictured above.

Wear it with denim and boots

Often seen on college campuses tucked into trousers or shorts with a belt and then finished with loafers or boat shoes, GQ suggests that you go with boots and jeans, preferably dark denim. With style adjustment like so, it’s possible that more people will come around and accept the polo shirt as an essential in every man’s closet.

Dress it up with a “suit”

Though the collar will work brilliantly underneath a suit jacket, any style of jacket will do as long as it matches your bottoms. For a modern take on this three-piece getup, opt for black skinny jeans, a fitted black jacket with a mandarin collar with a white polo layered underneath. This look is definitely far from the egotistical popped collar and an edgy alternative to the conventional polo shirt outfit.

How do you like to wear your polos?

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