Best Winter Activities for Gay Couples

It’s easy to find activities to do in the summer – most of them are definitely set on the beach and in the open air, but come winter, we find ourselves just wanting to stay in and cosy up under the sheets.

December might be booked for Christmas shopping and decorating but what are we supposed to do in January and February? We round up some ideas of what you can do with that special someone – take a look at the best winter activities for gay couples!

Play Gordon Ramsey

It’s cold outside and you don’t want to freeze so the first option would be an indoor activity that both of you will benefit from and enjoy. We’re talking about cooking because who doesn’t like eating?

Cooking together is a great activity that can bring you closer together while still having a lot of fun and indulging in the results afterwards. Get all the necessary groceries, play some music and cook something seasonal and festive since it’s that time of the year. You’ll learn more about your partner – what kind of spices he likes, how he finds his way around the kitchen and most importantly, what kind of a cook he is

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The classy activity

January is summer season in Australia so you can leave the house without freezing to death. If you live in Sydney, there are many wineries and distilleries to check out. Gay guys are all about class and sophistication so get in the mood for whiskey tasting as there’s no better way to kick off the New Year. Find the whiskey that both of you love the most, and make that your signature drink!

Be drama queens

No, we don’t mean acting out like one of the RuPaul’s Drag race queens but rather, welcome drama into your lives. Go to the theatre and watch a good play. This could be a great winter activity – it’s indoors and it’s definitely worth every penny and every minute spent there. Not only will you be supporting the art of acting live, but you can also be a part of some of the classic plays that you will remember for quite some time.

Tonya Harding vibes

If you’ve seen the Oscar-nominated movie I, Tonya, then you know that figure skating can be fun. This winter might be a great time for you to take your boyfriend ice skating and try something new together for the first time.

Don’t attempt the triple axel unless you want to get hurt. Instead, hold hands and skate and pretend like you’re in a romantic movie. You can either choose to visit an indoor or outdoor ice skating venue – we recommend the latter one since it’s all about the winter vibes.

Under the sheets

Finally, there’s an activity that everyone loves and winter is the perfect time to get down to it – sex. Not only will you be doing something passionate and fun, it can also keep you warm during these cold months. If you live in Australia, try this on a secluded beach – it can be very interesting, different and quite hot! Just don’t get caught.

Finding an activity that both of you will enjoy during the cold, winter months might be a difficult thing to do, but keep your mind open – there is a plethora of options, you just have to think outside of the box and try to find something interesting and authentic.

by Peter Minkoff (@MinkoffPeter)

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