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Carrying a unique range of solidified wax cologne, Solid State’s grooming products are for guys who want to leave an impression. The brand is the brainchild of Anthony Nasr, who wanted to create wax-based, pocket-sized colognes for ease of travel and for men determined to carve out their own path.

Available in six different scents, the products are made from locally sourced natural ingredients that also nourish and moisturise your skin aside from keeping you fresh smelling. The compact tin makes the cologne a portable companion while ingredients like nutmeg, cedar, citrus allow ease of application.

Cruiser is rebellious with a sense of luxury, stemming from the blend of citrus, orange tree blossom and woody. If Mediterranean sun drenched vision is your thing, go for the Freshman which offers Calabrian bergamot, rosemary and citrus.

Looking for a versatile scent that can take you from morning to evening? Journeyman will hit you with a hint of mandarine while the blend of spices will exude a sense of mystery. Aviator is known for its woody aromatics and crisp citrus and suits guys with a no-fuss, wear-anywhere blend.

Opening with a blend of ginger and mandarine and softening to rose, jasmine and cedarwood, Drifter is designed to captivate while the exotic scent of Wayfarer is suited for the evenings. There are tobacco leaf and rich cacao and hints of fruit and spices that give it an overall opulence.

Retailing for AUS$39.95, this is a no-brainer grooming product that every guy should own in order to stay fresh. Only issue would be deciding which option – or you can just purchase a pack of three and use the one that’s most appropriate.

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