SASSOU JAPAN Goldwaver Anti-ageing Collection

Global skincare brand, SASSOU JAPAN, launches the Goldwaver anti-ageing collection in Australia, a blend of natural plant extracts and 24K gold leaf that addresses signs of fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, dull skin tone and dehydration.

Merging ingredients and traditional Japanese skincare techniques with advanced research, the Goldwaver line is suited for all skin types and complexions. Containing the Gold Beauty Cleansing Bar (100g), Gold Shimmering Essence Toner (50ml), Angel’s Dew Divine Moist (60ml), and Gold Eye Shiteru (15g), the products contain Japanese-sourced 24K gold and is proven to rejuvenate dormant skin tissues and awaken weakened structures in the skin.

The combination of algae extracts and antioxidant-rich flower with the anti-inflammatory and hydrating benefits of honey, the Goldwaver collection enhances skin translucency and elasticity, detoxifies and refines pores and restores moisture.

Studies have shown that the wavelengths at which negative ions are released are similar to that of the human body, allowing gold to revitalize cellular bioelectric currents which weaken as a result of ageing. This mineral reinvigorates the cellular structures in the skin by stimulating collagen production, leaving it looking healthy and youthful.

Available nationwide at and packaged in bespoke vanity-worthy vessels, SASSOU JAPAN Goldwaver collection retails from $100 RRP and promises immediate and significant results in as little as 1 week.

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