How To Prepare Your Skin For A Summer Holiday

Preparing your skin for a summer holiday is a great opportunity to give your skin a little extra attention and even develop some life-long mens skincare habits. When summer arrives and you shed the layers of clothing you had to wear just days before, your skin will not only be on display for all to see but also be more exposed to the outside influences. We have a few tips on how to summer-proof your skin for that much deserved holiday but remember, your skin needs care all year round.

1. Facial is your best friend

The skin on your face is very sensitive. You can have problems or inflammations that you’re not even aware of and will only get worse once you expose your skin to the sun. Many people make the mistake of thinking that sunbathing will solve their skin problems when in reality, tanning only hides the problems and can makes things worse.

Get a facial before your summer holiday and make sure it’s not too close to the departure date because your skin needs time to recuperate. Continue with your regular skincare routine after a facial. We recommend Bulldog skincare products, one of best men’s skincare range with formulas to suit different skin type.

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2. Don’t skip the scrub

Summer holidays mean a lot of time in the sun and water and, however fun that can be, our skin can really suffer from the exposure. The sun and water element can leave our skin dehydrated and rough so repair with regular scrubs. Use different products for your face and body, as your skin is not the same on different parts of your body and your face needs specially formulated scrubs for getting the best results.

There’s a wide range of Cosmedix products for every skin type you can choose from. Getting regular scrubs usually means getting one every week or every two weeks but before a summer vacation, you should get them a bit more often, once or twice a week.

3. Moisturise like there’s no tomorrow

You already know that your skin gets dehydrated and rough from the sun so make sure that you’re well moisturised, even more so during summer especially if you are about to spend a lot of time time in the sun. To make sure the skin soak in the moisturiser as much as it can, regular scrubs allow the skin to absorb.

Apply moisturiser to the face, body, and hands after every wash and pay special attention to areas like the elbows and feet, which are usually a bit drier. Before your holiday, use a more hydrating cream than the one you normally use and, of course, use moisturisers with SPF during the day.

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4. Get rid of those pesky hair

The final tip is more aesthetic than functional but you can’t go without it. Prepping our skin for a summer holiday also implies making it look good and that means getting rid of unwanted hair.

While women will take care of hair on legs and underarms, men need to take a look at their backs and do what needs to be done. If you have a predilection for brief cut swimwear, make sure you get rid of excess hair as you don’t want hair to creep out of your swim trunks. Look at trimming, waxing or even IPL if you’re one of those who sprout body hair quickly.

These are all the tips you need to prepare your skin for the summer sun but skincare isn’t a seasonal thing and you should always take care of it. In other words, the best way to prepare your skin for a summer holiday is to do what you should be doing anyway – just a bit more intensely.

by Peter Minkoff (@MinkoffPeter)

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