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Guys are more style conscious today, investing in well crafted pieces that are made to withstand trends as well as wears. But the truth is, these articles of clothing – often constructed from delicate or special fabrics – will only last if they’re carefully looked after and that’s where Mr Black steps in.

The brand started off a few years ago with its founding products solely for denim and has since expanded the range to include care products for cotton, linen, leather, wool, cashmere, delicates and footwear.

The Denim Wash maintains the indigo intensity of your jeans or jacket while minimising fading and the Denim Refresh prevents staining from oils and surface dirt so you can extend the time between washes. It’s recommended not to wash your denim often (or at all) so these cleaners are great alternatives to care for for jeans or jacket.

For those who like their footwear looking tip-top, the Shoe Cleaner dissolves grime and removes scuff marks and restore your shoe to premium condition while the Shoe Refresh neutralises unwanted odours and prevents them from returning.

Replacing the harsh chemicals normally found in garment cleaning products, Mr Black’s eco-friendly plant-based ingredients mean that you can also do your part in looking after the environment, not just your wardrobe.

Made in Australia, each formula looks after specific materials and can extend the shelf life of your garments by reducing the amount of washes and cleaning. Now, you can wear your favourite cashmere jumper or jeans to death without a worry.

Mr Black garment care products, garment cleaner

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