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Black Leopard mens grooming products, Sydney mens blog, mens hydrating face scrub, mens anti-shine moisturiser, mens shave gel cleanserBlack Leopard mens grooming products, Sydney mens blog, mens invigorating body wash

Realising that there’s a gap in premium grooming products for men in the Australian market, Black Leopard was born. Conceived by a father and son team, the brand is a family-owned business and sells its products online and in its stand-alone store.

Working with award-winning Cosmetic Chemist, Richard Gonano (who has previously worked with acclaimed brands like AESOP and Kevin Murphy), the products have been developed with an “earthy citrus” signature blend and use triple-action formula to hydrate, rejuvenate and soothe all male skin types.

The “made for men, by men” ethos is prominent down to running the brand. Co-founder Murdoch Collins explains, “We’re a passionate group of guys who are committed to providing top quality grooming products made specifically for men.”

From moisturiser to shampoo to lip balm, the Black Leopard skincare range is extensive and specifically formulated for guys. A man’s face is very different compared to that of a woman – we have stubble, larger pores, more collagen and produce more sweat. In understanding these factors, the Hydrating Face Scrub is crafted as the perfect solution to deal with our skin.

The Anti-Perspirant Deodorant carries a masculine aroma formulated from a bespoke mix of scented essential oils. The deodorant doesn’t just keep you smelling great but keeps sweating under control as well.

I am fan of the 2-in-1 Shave Gel Cleanser – it’s a combination of lavender and tea tree oil and a product that makes shaving a much smoother experience. The Invigorating Body Wash is another product that I recommend – it leaves one feeling fresh and energised with its blend of essential oils and green tea extracts.

The grooming range received glowing interest from international representatives at the Cosmoprof Fair in Hong Kong though the Collins family decided to emphasise on a local focus first before expanding the business.

The grooming market is still dominated by women’s products but the growth in men’s department is increasing rapidly – guys are starting to understand that making an impression goes beyond the clothes and shoes they wear.

With the success of its e-commerce and stand-alone store, it won’t be long before Black Leopard becomes a global major player.

Black Leopard Australia mens grooming products, Australia mens blog, Black Leopard mens grooming products, Sydney mens blog, mens hydrating face scrub, mens anti-shine moisturiser, mens shave gel cleanser

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