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Every brand has a story about their humble beginnings and Aqua Royalmarine’s came about unexpectedly that involved Disneyland, tons of Japanese schoolgirls, queues that never seemed to move forward and ultimately the culmination of needing to look like a boss. Designer Vinson Leow figured that if there was one thing that you could wear that oozed authority and non-confirmity and allowed you to skip queues, it would be sunglasses. Of course, the reality is nobody is skipping queues any time soon but Leow did go on to show who is boss with the birth of Aqua Royalmarine.

Sunglasses are one of the few accessories that can immediately bring your look from zero to hero and that you seldom go wrong with. Working with classic shapes and styles that have defined fashion itself, Aqua Royalmarine sunglasses exude timeless chic and are the kind that you purchase today and will still be wearing in 10 years. Each frame is a handmade limited edition, featuring Italian acetate, German engineered hinges and tempered glass lenses. The glasses have heft to them light enough to rest comfortably on your face yet weighted enough to feel in your pocket. The brand is also one of the few to use glass lens which are impervious to impact and scratches.

Royal Aquamarine The Rockefeller, sunglasses, Australia mens blog Royal Aquamarine Dean, sunglasses, Australia mens blog Royal Aquamarine Warhola, sunglasses, Australia mens blog Royal Aquamarine Kelly, sunglasses, Australia mens blog Royal Aquamarine Warhola, sunglasses, Australia mens blog Royal Aquamarine Warhola, sunglasses, Australia mens blog

Understanding the market is one of the many reasons how Royal Aquamarine has become successful. While producing superior high-grade sunglasses with subtle branding is one of the brand’s ethos, Leow also knows that price point and something that transcended the runways are vital to consumers’ engagement and loyalty. Royal Aquarmarine’s sunglasses are the one small thing in consumers’ wardrobe that will never age, never lose its appeal and never get old. The names of each style, like McQueen, Warhola, The Rockfeller suggest the kind of je ne said quoi coolness that will withstand the test of time.

The brand is working hard at expanding its local presence into a global dominance and has accrued interests and stockists from North America to Europe. It is easy to see why with the brand’s take on quality, price point, non-confimity and even sustainability where production is limited to 100 per year and occurs at eco-friendly factories. Working with brands are also on the cards and seeing that the label has a unique vision, there is no doubt that Royal Aquamarine will produce some exciting collaborations in the future.

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