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Glints is an English optical brand that was born out of an obsessive love for eyewear. The brand takes its name from the old English term “glint” – a reflection that is noticeable when somebody wearing glasses moves their head. A will to share their passion, knowledge and expertise with consumers saw the birth of the brand and what sets Glints apart from other eyewear brands offering a direct to consumer model is quality.

The brand offers hand crafted eyewear using premium Hoya lenses and Japanese Zyl acetates – rated the best in the world for its stability and rich colour patterns – all for an affordable price point of £143. The frames are produced in Japan, who undoubtedly remains the champion of artisan eyewear manufacturing. Glints engages the same Japanese factories that produces some of the most famous luxury brands so you can be sure that every effort has gone into providing you with the best frames. A chat with the brand revealed that Japanese eyewear craftsmanship was kept a secret for a long time (frames handmade in Japan is to eyewear what Switzerland is to chronographs and watches) but the emergence of e-commerce platforms meant that Glints is able to offer luxury products at a very affordable price.

Glints’ design is done in-house by designer Coco who worked for years in the designer optical industry prior to joining the brand. To develop a pair of Glints frame requires six months from start to finish, including months of flat drawing, technical drawings and series of prototype. As eyewear become fashionable, Glints is returning to basics and educating customers the importance of quality.

If you struggle to understand what frames work best for you, Glints suggests firstly to  assess the shape and size of your face (big or small) before deciding on the style. Remember that thin frames do not distract from your features while thick frames can give you a more edgy look. The rule of thumb is to ensure that the frames don’t go above your eyebrows and the bottom of the frames don’t touch your cheeks. The brand’s online store also offers tips and a Virtual Try-on tool that allow customers to visualise which frames suit their face and style.

What has now become a common accessory (while for some like myself remains a medical device), the brand aims to educate and promote their eyewear across Europe over the next few years. With premium materials and craftsmanship and an affordable price, there is no doubt that Glints will be putting glasses on many in no time.

Glints London eyewear, Australia mens blog Glints London eyewear, Australia mens blogGlints London eyewear, Australia mens blogGlints London eyewear, Australia mens blogGlints London eyewear, Australia mens blogGlints London eyewear, Australia mens blog

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