How To Wear Art And Fashion Collaborations

The relationship between fashion and art was historically non-existent – where the art world viewed fashion as whimsical – but look at where we are now. Designers like Kim Jones has incorporated works from artists like the Chapman brothers and Christopher Nemeth for Louis Vuitton while Gucci continues to present us with an onslaught of art references since Alessandro Michele took over the helm.

Though art and fashion collaborations are becoming more widespread – almost a must if brands want to stay relevant – the most commonly asked question, especially from non-fashionistas, is how do you wear these said pieces inspired by art?

It’s true that the art elements can make the clothes showy but many of them are cut in classic silhouettes. Take for example Dior Homme’s Autumn Winter 2017 collection which features illustration by Dan Witz. The mosh pit print is placed on styles like denim jackets, blazers and messenger bags so adorning them is no harder than wearing your regular clothes.

Of course, it takes a little bit of skills to style them and even more so with the challenging pieces like this Raf Simons x Robert Mapplethorpe dungaree. Follow these few simple steps and in no time, you’ll be wearing art and fashion collaboration items and be a walking piece of art.

1. Keep it simple

Art is sometimes best appreciated on its own so if you have to wear an art-inspired statement item, keep the rest of your outfit simple. Introduce neutrals like navy, black or heather grey and stick with classic styles like suit pants and oxford button up shirts so that your statement garment stands out.


2. Go all out

On the other end of simplicity is maximalism where more is more and an overload of visual embellishment brings life to the outfit. Hit up the bold and vibrant prints, throw in accessories and mix and match texture. You’re no longer wearing a piece of art-inspired piece – you’ve now become art itself.

3. Style it like the runway

Take cues from the runway and style the pieces like how they’ve been put together in the shows or lookbook. Designers often create pieces that are meant to be worn together as a full look so emulate and wear them as such. Look for similar alternatives if you can’t afford to buy all the pieces to put together into one look.

I’ve styled the Raf Simons x Robert Mapplethorpe dungaree in a few ways, taking cues from the runway and going for a minimal look. Stick with these three tips and you are ready to rock the art and fashion collaboration pieces. 

Raf Simons SS17 Robert Mapplethorpe white dungarees, North Bondi Ben Buckler

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