How To Dress For Fashion Week Street Style

Street style is a game – I know this because both Glenn and I’ve played it before at New York Fashion Week and Seoul Fashion Week. Sometimes, you think you’ve nailed an outfit that will get even the toughest critiques to snap your photo yet you return home defeated – the photographers had gravitated towards a model or an influencer instead of swooning over your fabulous get-up.

While street style has evolved to something completely different than what it started as, there are still ways to capture the attention of street style photographers even if you aren’t blessed with model genes or don’t own expensive items in your wardrobe. Iconic or on-trend pieces, creative styling or anything that changes perceptions on menswear, these are some of the things that the lensmen look out for.

We’ve put together a few pointers on how you can dress your boyfriend or yourself for the next fashion week so perfect that blue steel – you’re going to be a GQ or Hypebeast star!

Jean Paul Gaultier mens leather jacket, British GQ New York Fashion Week AW17 Street StylePhoto by Matthew Sperzel, courtesy of British GQ

1. Printed trousers (instead of chinos)

It takes courage to wear patterned trousers and a good eye to pick something that doesn’t resemble a bad tattoo. Floral does the trick, more so than ever since Alessandro Michele pushed Gucci back into the fashion consciousness.

Alternatively, opt for a geometric pattern if you want something more subtle. The trick with printed trousers is to keep everything else classic and minimal unless you’re taking on a full thematic look.

2. Hats (instead of slick back hair)

Headwear is an underrated accessory that can instantly lift your #OOTD game. Instead of pairing a snapback with streetwear or a fedora with 3 piece suit, switch things up. Feeling stiff with a classic jacket or dress pants? Punk it up with a baker boy hat!

The same rule applies when it comes to footwear if you want to add an element of creativity – dress down your classic outfit with a pair of sneakers or elevate your casual look with dress shoes.

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Photo by Leila Jacue, courtesy of GQ Spain

3. Statement jacket (instead of a blazer)

It’s easy to turn your outerwear into the focal point and capture the attention of photographers – it’s at eye-level and the first thing that people see. Its potential to spark conversations is also more likely as jackets can take a look from zero to hero.

When it comes to choosing one for street style, think texture, prints or unusual fabric. You’ll be competing with many who are hungry to get snapped so go bold and make that impact.


4. Look-at-me sunglasses (instead of wayfarers)

Nothing says cool AF like a pair of signature sunglasses. They also mask your hopeless desire to be papped, a sign that can often turn street style photographers off as most of them are looking for authenticity.

Pick eyewear that are graphically bold or classic silhouettes with unexpected features and opt for reflective or pastel lenses. Photographers are hungry for hints of details or anything that’s unconventional.

5. Je-ne-sais-quoi confidence (instead of desperation)

While this isn’t exactly something tangible that you can simply put on to lift your game, it’s undoubtedly a point that can’t be overlooked.

These lensmen can smell overly-conscious and peacocks from afar so channel that inner cool like you don’t care to be photographed, even if you’re dying to tell mum that you’ve made it onto GQ and are Insta-famous.

AMI floral mens jeans, Acne mens blazer, British GQ Seoul Fashion Week SS17 Street StylePhoto by Simpson Kim, courtesy of British GQ
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