The Guide To Styling Statement Sweaters

“I’m a fountain of blood in the shape of a girl,” I thought of these lyrics from Björk’s hit, Bachelorette, when I was writing this. A friend suggested the pattern on this Louis Vuitton SS17 mohair pullover reminded her of a vagina when she first saw it. While I’d vehemently contest that description, it’s after all in blood red and has somewhat of a genitalia resemblance.

Though I don’t believe that designer Kim Jones was inspired by the V in this instant, he’s no doubt become one of the few menswear designers who’s raised the bar with sweater game, alongside Gucci, J.W.Anderson, Dior Homme and Raf Simons.

I say that every man, or at least every guy with a fashion inkling, should own a statement pullover. At the same time, I concur that styling statement sweaters require adept hands. Let’s show you how with these 4 tips.

Louis Vuitton mens red SS17 mohair sweater, Marc Jacobs mens clear oxford shoes, mens red socks, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Dior Homme SS17 red rings, blue face paint

1. Dress everything classic

A statement sweater is a bold garment where its charm should speak for itself. The fabric, pattern or construction will be the conversation starter at parties so keep everything else classic, or neutral, and let the knitwear be the focal point of your outfit.

Pair it with classic navy trousers and oxford shoes. When you dress it down, you’re keeping the entire look refined and classy while exuding a sense of edge.

2. Wear sweater as a top

The perception with mens sweaters is that it’s a layering piece, worn over a button-up or regular t-shirt when the temperature dips. Anna Dello Russo’s commands “wear coat as a dress” in Fashion Shower and this couldn’t apply more in the same way.

Long sleeve knitwear comes in various weights and can be worn trans-seasonal style so ditch the under-layer and wear the bold pullover on its own. Wear a tank top if you’re partial to itching because of the material.

3. Accessorise but wisely

I’m not recommending you to wear a feather headgear or paint your face blue like I did but simple accessories can add more swag to your look without taking attention away when you style the statement sweater.

Think necklaces, watches and belts but make sure they complement the material and look of the knitwear. The tendency to over-accessorise is easy so make sure to edit before you step out.

4. Stick with a colour story

The quickest way to create linearity for your look is to inject similar colours with socks, belts and other accessories.

Like I’ve done here, I matched the red feature of the knitwear with red socks and a belt that has the same colour woven through it. This gives consistency and an added point of interest to the get-up and people will still focus on the unique knitwear.

Louis Vuitton mens red SS17 mohair sweater, Marc Jacobs mens clear oxford shoes, mens red socks, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Dior Homme SS17 red rings, blue face paint

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Chris Mak
Reply July 15, 2017

Kinda want to buy a sweater now XDXDXD

    Street Style Poser
    Reply July 15, 2017

    You should! What's stopping you, Chris Mak?

Eve Mitchell
Reply November 4, 2022

Thanks for mentioning that sweaters don't always have to be a statement piece. I'm hoping that I can get a cute sweater for my boyfriend because it's his birthday next month. He loves simple sweaters, so I'll have to find one that looks good on him.

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