Art & Subculture In Fashion: Dior Homme Autumn Winter 2017

The Dior Homme Autumn Winter 2017 collection sees Kris Van Assche pushing the art and fashion collaborations and sub-culture references. There were models who walked down the runway in the usual variation of black suits but many others who adorned streetwear, punctuated with New Wave, skate and hardcore influences, a mosh pit print by artist Dan Witz and the slogan “Hardior”.

Though the youth sub-culture element can be seen as nostalgia, I’m très excited to see Van Assche inject art and culture references into menswear, seeing it’s at a tipping point of homogeneity. In fact, I was in tears seeing how Van Assche has adeptly merge the edgy delight of skaters and ravers with coveted luxury when I saw the AW17 runway show images. And to think that the only other time I’ve felt this way was in 2013 when Queen Bey dropped her eponymous, conceptual album but I digress. 

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Dior Homme Autumn Winter 2017, futuristic sunglasses, mens long leather gloves

Dior Homme Autumn Winter 2017, Mosh Pit Print Dan Witz, mens orange gloves, mens futuristic sunglasses, Hardior bucket hat

From the show – not knowing the works of Witz – I assumed the mosh pit print was photographic. It wasn’t until I saw the outerwear and bags in-store that I realised that they were oil paintings. The meticulous detailing is preserved in the nylon fabric of the bomber jacket and bags which accentuates the hyper-reality.

The influence of art on fashion also extends to slogans this season with “They should just let us rave” – perhaps a frivolous message in this current political climate except it’s exactly the kind of distraction we need. And then, there’s “Hardior” – a play on the hardcore Dior aesthetic for Autumn Winter ’17 where suiting and statement sweaters are merged with streetwear elements like hardware accessories, orange accents, cargo pockets, and topstitches that fray.

Hardior mens hoodie, Dior Homme Autumn Winter 2017,

Shot during the day, it’s somewhat of a far cry from the nocturnal techno romanticism that Van Assche has so exquisitely brought to this collection. The fashion and art relationship in this collection is so pure and bold that, to me, photographing it from a new perspective would have only strayed from the intended theme.

Instead, I used the location – Walsh Bay, known for its warehouse conversions and wharves – as well as GIFs to complement the industrial and electronic romance. Just bring the music and let me rave already.

In collaboration with Dior Homme

In Sydney? Drop into the Dior Homme Pop-Up at Westfield Sydney on Level 3. Open 18 September – 27 October 2017.

Dior Homme Autumn Winter 2017, Mosh Pit Print Dan Witz, mens orange glovesDior Homme Autumn Winter 2017, Mosh Pit Print Dan Witz, futuristic sunglasses, Hardior hat, Dior Homme necklaceDior Homme Autumn Winter 2017, Mosh Pit Print Dan Witz, Hardior shopper bag

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Reply September 27, 2017

Love the clothes, the colors, the association anyway u kill it henry!! Love the way that u give life to the clothes. It's amazing!
Sorry for my bad english but i'm a poor french girl who try as i can to talk english :)
It's Karima from instagram (lookbook_of_mine)

    Street Style Poser
    Reply September 27, 2017

    Bonjour Karima!

    Merci pour ton message! Moi, je parle un peu le francais et pas tres bien. Thanks for your support. Means a lot!

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