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Ahmad Taufik SS17, Australian menswear designer, mens vest, Australian menswear blog

Every visual creative has their source of inspiration. Be it a painting, a photo or even a song, I’m always eager to find the connection between a designer’s influences and their works.

Sure, I get stimulation by such and such photographer or painter from time to time but I’m really more partial to music as an inspiration, specifically ambient, textural music. Mind you, Queen Bey and Tay Tay (haters, don’t even cos I’m just gonna shake it off) rule my world but a tune that can inspire conceptually, regardless of its genre, is a keeper.

When I first saw menswear designer Ahmad Taufik’s SS17 range, my curiosity peaked as to what sonic influences have motivated his creativity. The song in question is Sensation – a tune from electronic dance artist Daniel Avery where the pulsating beat sets the tone for a mix of layered haunting sounds that’s minimal yet entrancing. It was also used during Taufik’s show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia.

The collection, titled Displacement, translates resort wear through tailoring, and also seeks visual influence from photographer Max Dupain’s Sunbaker as well as works from James Nares and Tommaso Sartori. High art stuff, if I may say, but in times of disposable and suit-tie-brogues-press-repeat men’s fashion, a little culture to push our mundane buttons could do us some good.

The concept of Avery’s Sensation playing an inspiration is apparent – wave-like jacquard and brush-stroke print run through the range, giving it a poetic edge. Hell, if the collection was a song, I would imagine it would be this one.

It had me thinking about songs that get my creative juju going for making pretty images and developing music video ideas. From the immersive soundscape of My Bloody Valentine’s To Here Knows When – where guitar texture conjures all sorts of vivid imagery – to the creepy yet intriguing Silent Shout by The Knife, it was no easy feat narrowing down to this list but here it is in no particular order. What songs give you inspiration for visual projects?

Oh, if you feel the need to get out of those mundane clothes of yours and explore something that is interesting, Ahmad Taufik will give you that edge.

My Bloody Valentine – To Here Knows When
Sigur Rós – Starálfur
M83 – Echoes Of Mine
Atlas Sound – Quick Canal (featuring Laetitia Sadier)
The Knife – Silent Shout
The Cure – Plainsong
Aphex Twin – The Waxen Pith
Shigeru Umebayashi – Yumeji’s Theme
Matthew Dear – Shortwave

Wearing Ahmad Taufik Resort 17 collection, sunglasses by Polaroid Eyewear and Acne Studios, shoes by Neil Barrett and Christian Peau, scarf by Alexander McQueen, hat by Burberry Prorsum, key pouch by COS, necklace by Gucci

Ahmad Taufik SS17, Australian menswear designer, mens sleeveless white shirt, mens pin-stripe shorts Ahmad Taufik SS17, Australian menswear designer, mens sleeveless coat, Australian menswear blog

Ahmad Taufik SS17, Australian menswear designer, mens sleeveless coat, Australian menswear blog

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