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The World Is Your Oyster, Australia mens blog The World Is Your Oyster, Australia mens blog

The World Is Your Oyster is a Hong Kong menswear brand founded by Calvin Chan & Joyce Kun in early 2014. The name is a quote from a Shakespeare’s play and is one of the brand’s ethos in seizing all possible opportunities and exploring the world.

Exploration is evident in the duo’s work whose collections are often finished with small details that create a quirky addition and give relevance to the mix of formal tailoring and street wear influence. The brand ultimately aims to provide the style and quality for the guys of this generation.

Chan and Kun’s AW15 collection “Teens Club” is inspired by pop stickers and posters found on the streets. Printed slogans belong to voices of youth who feel abandoned and neglected, youth who wish to chase their dreams except they are held back by society. With this limit to their creativity and ambitions, these lonely hearts form a bond and seek connection.

The collection features classic silhouettes such as blazers and coats with injections of street wear elements like oversized T-shirts worn as outerwear and unexpected design details. All these features come together effortlessly to form the distinct aesthetic of The World Is Your Oyster.

A chat to Kun provided insight to the Hong Kong menswear scene as she sees an increased level of awareness and appreciation for menswear. While initially taking trend influences from Japan or South Korea, guys in Hong Kong have started to develop their own style and appreciate local designers as much as international ones.

Support for The World Is Your Oyster is further cemented when multi-brand boutique Joyce sold their first collection before inviting the duo to design the store’s spring/summer 15 uniform. Chan and Kun reinterpreted the idea of uniforms by introducing shorts, pops of colours like orange, pink and baby blue and functional details such as MA-1 pocket. The brand added their signature detailed elements which gives the uniform a modern update and provided staff with the option of remixing their uniforms with different coloured shirts and various bottom designs.

Chan and Kun are hoping to put the brand onto a global pedestal and break into fashion capitals like Tokyo, Seoul, London and Paris. Having a solo show is also on the list for the pair and it is only a matter of time before we see the The World Is Your Oyster hit the runway with their distinct tailoring meets streetwear.

The World Is Your Oyster, Australia mens blog The World Is Your Oyster, Australia mens blog The World Is Your Oyster, Australia mens blog

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