Moncler Genius x Fragment Hiroshi Fujiwara

After the success of Moncler Genius x Craig Green collaboration, Moncler releases another line of partnership, this time working with Hiroshi Fujiwara. Known as the godfather of Ura-Harajuku fashion and a globally influential streetwear designer, Fujiwara launched his first brand, Good Enough, in the late 1980s.

For this Moncler Genius x Fragment Hiroshi Fujiwara collection, Fujiwara tweaks simple items in subtle ways. Technical features are hidden and require a second look to appreciate the new, progressive and non-familiar details. The theme centres around the World Tour, drawing inspiration from travel and music. Parkas, shirts and modern basics are extremely light with functional packability and styles like the varsity jackets and plaid blazers are stamped with Fujiwara’s trademark slogans and graphics.

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Moncler Genius Fragment Hiroshi FujiwaraMoncler Genius Fragment Hiroshi FujiwaraMoncler Genius Fragment Hiroshi FujiwaraMoncler Genius Fragment Hiroshi FujiwaraMoncler Genius Fragment Hiroshi FujiwaraMoncler Genius Fragment Hiroshi FujiwaraMoncler Genius Fragment Hiroshi Fujiwara

Taping features widely while intarsia, stripes and a mix of neutrals, blacks and brights bring together a vibrant look. Completing the globetrotting concept are backpacks, shoppers, sneakers and loafers.

“Moncler Genius is the opportunity to mix different identities into a new one. It allowed me to test solutions and materials I have never used,” says Fujiwara. “The result is an unreleased Hiroshi, but it is also an unreleased Moncler.”

Disclosed through different immersive video installations that showcase the concept of each collaboration, Moncler Genius allows each different designer to construct the visual narrative of the collection. Fujiwara collaborated with artist Michal Socha on a cinematic animation that describes an adventure through elements and seasons.

Moncler Genius once again cements its progressive ethos based on invention and innovation with this collaboration.

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