Jinumo SS17

Jinumo mens SS17, Australia mens blogJinumo mens SS17, Australia mens blog

For its SS17 collection, Jinumo seeks inspiration from the traditional structure of samurai outfits and armours. Injecting an oriental feel into the clothes, the end result is one that merges modern details with classic tailoring, a transfusion of the old and new observed in the present of menswear.

Founded in Thailand in 2009 by Jin Thammachote, Jinumo aims to introduce traditional elements of Eastern design into Western menswear. Like many designers whose mum played an influential part, Thammachote would rummage through the sewing box his mother filled as a child and this eventually led to expression of his own style.

The baggy, semi-pleated trousers, when paired with the contrast shirt, becomes refined while the oversize biker jacket and long vest coat both offer outwear options for the season and can be dressed up or down.

One of the standout pieces is the cropped leather tank top. Worn over a crisp white shirt and cropped navy formal trousers, Jinumo manages to mix edgy with formal successfully and tie in the regimental theme of the samurai.

The use of flowing fabrics and fitted silhouette gives a sense of drama and allows the designer to explore the juxtaposition of identity. While the collection highlights a contemporary edge, Thammachote is quick to point out that contemporary design is a reflection of the past, and doesn’t simply refer to what’s right here, right now.

Thammachote understands the the male silhouette and through the combination of striking materials and cuts, the clothes sit nicely on the wearer rather than consume him with swathes of fabric. Polished yet free, Jinumo has done well in contrasting different aesthetics to call its own.

Jinumo mens SS17, Australia mens blogJinumo mens SS17, Australia mens blogJinumo mens SS17, Australia mens blog

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