Éditions MR SS17

Éditions MR SS17, Australia mens blog, French mens labelÉditions MR SS17, Australia mens blog, French mens label

The theme for Éditions MR’s SS17 collection was inspired by the Atlantic coast and the collision of the ocean and the port. Where the former would require essentials to withstand the sun and sea, the latter involves clothing that portrays a nonchalant attitude and style.

Although this is the second collection from Éditions MR, the brand had several ranges previously under the name Melindagloss. Designers Mathieu de Ménonville and Rémi de Laquintane headed back to masculine and no-fuss dressing and decided a change in name will strengthen their branding.

While there was a change in direction, the duo’s vision of menswear didn’t. In fact, their aesthetics remained very much on point with their rugged and Parisian-chic and focus on beautiful fabrics and quality.

This collection resonates well for travellers who face the conundrum of dressing for travel and style. With the SS17 collection, the designers aim to merge elements from both style and substance where the wearer can dress for comfort without sacrificing aesthetics.

Pieces like the military jacket is crafted in suede and nylon while high-waisted naval trousers in washed out denim are inspired by locals in Northern France. The range is ornamental where outerwear pieces are embroidered with floral or baroque motifs, which are further intertwined with micro-motifs.

What stands out this season is Éditions MR’s take on the trench coat. There is an elongated safari jacket and another that toggles between a bathrobe and lounge outerwear piece, which ties in with the wearable travel aesthetic of SS17.

Éditions MR SS17, Australia mens blog, French mens labelÉditions MR SS17, Australia mens blog, French mens label

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