The Guide To Styling Briefcases And Backpacks

Men’s bags have gained more and more attention over the last few years, thanks to the rise in social media and menswear publishers. Gone are the days where guys are scoffed at for carrying anything that makes them, well, less of a man.

No longer available in just your average black or brown leather, designers have gone all out creating bold patterned totes, animal-shaped carryalls or using unexpected materials and trims to finish the products. As whimsical as some of these men’s day bags are, most still serve their purpose of holding the necessities like wallet, keys, mobile phones and change of gym clothes.

Two particular styles – the briefcase and backpack – while classic and functional in their own way, still carry misconceptions on how they look and what they are used for. Let’s break down that stigma and show you some tips to styling briefcases and backpacks.

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Dior Homme Autumn Winter Blue New Wave BagDior Homme Autumn Winter Scribble Briefcase


Men’s briefcases have often copped the uncool factor – it’s a style that’s seen only on dads or your financial district Joe Blow. While this might be true during yesteryears, the classic shape bag has stood the test of time – especially today – where many brands are giving it a modern update.

Under the adept hands of Kris Van Assche, the Dior Homme Autumn 17 collection features this black calfskin briefcase with an all-over Dior pattern and a scribble print. The abstract design instantly gives this briefcase a trendy edge while the simple silhouette makes it functional for any occasion.

How to style: Dress the briefcase down with a polo shirt, cuffed chinos or raw denim and white sneakers to achieve a fashion-forward look or throw on a slim fit suit to match if you want a commanding entrepreneurial yet stylish look.


On the other end of the spectrum, backpacks give the perception that they should only be used up till high school, even though I believe that they’re the most practical. It’s a fuss-free bag where you can simply throw your items in and the two shoulder straps allow you to carry it without putting too much weight on only one side of the body.

This electric blue rucksack features the Christian Dior logo with Newave embroidery where the simple but bold detailing instantly elevates its classic silhouette and turns it into a modish bag. The colour also sets this backpack apart while maintaining its functionality.

How to style: Perfect for modern dweller with a mobile lifestyle, pair an unstructured suit (so you don’t ruin the shoulder pads) in seersucker or light wool or throw it over a cardigan and button up shirt combo to achieve a relaxed yet dapper look.

In collaboration with Dior Homme

Dior Homme Autumn Winter New Wave Blue Rucksack

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