4 Travel Essentials To Always Pack

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Packing for travel is an activity that I strangely don’t enjoy. I like whipping up the right outfits for specific occasions or putting together appropriate gear for exploring, but the actual process of folding, stacking and then, debating if you’ve under-packed (because there’s no such thing as overpacking), forget about it.

Dorota (from Gossip Girl) isn’t coming to knock on my door anytime soon so, until then, packing is fundamental if I want to wear more than just the outfit that I’ll be travelling in. Apart from a copious amount of clothes that I bring, there’re a few things I always throw in regardless of the destination or event.

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1. iPhone

Ah, the greatest invention ever gifted to mankind. It goes without saying the iPhone gives me the opportunity to salivate over globetrotters’ Instagram accounts, look up the nearest restaurant when I’m craving for some juicy Xiaolongbao or simply stay “emotionally” connected, but more than anything else, it allows me to use the camera function when I can’t be bothered setting up or when I need to do a sneaky, pap-style snap.

Tons of my travel images come from this mighty gadget and while inferior to my Nikon DSLR, it has proven real handy in many situations. Oh, and selfies. I mean, have you ever tried taking a selfie with a DSLR?

2. Sunglasses

I wake up ugly AF and as much as some contest, they do too, as only Beyonce can woke up like this and there’s only one Kween (and a lot of fish who think they can ever achieve her status, well, #boybye). There’s no argument that sunglasses are the best armour to hide away those tired holiday eyes or if you’re simply having a bad hair day.

Sunglasses make EVERYONE look good (why do you think several bloggers are never seen without them) and easy to hide that unslightly face so I always keep a pair close to my heart.

3. Moisturiser

Let’s be real; our grooming regimes get thrown out of the window – that is, if you have one to being with – during a vacation. This is, ironically, the most crucial time to persist with that ritual ‘cos cracked skin don’t lie.

Unless you’re on a spa retreat holiday where your skin is getting tickled pink, you’re going to be outdoors, exploring the city, countryside or wilderness. And trust me, your skin will be begging for repair. There’s also no air drier than the one on the plane so I always pack men’s moisturiser, ready to slop myself up like a triple layer cheesecake.

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4. Cheaper shoes

I say cheaper and not cheap for two reasons – cheaper because you don’t want to scruff those precious Louboutins while you’re walking around all day, and cheaper because there’s no excuse to look like a peasant even if your propensity is to trade style for comfort.

I’m one of those rare fashionistas who loves a good hike – as much as I love my Uber – but I also want to be found with modish shoes should (touch wood) anything tragic occur. Have to look good for the paps just in case, you know?

My four-must-pack items are by no means different than most but if there’s something else that I’ve learnt through travelling is that the luggage you use is as vital as what you pack. Nothing frustrates more than attempting to identify your black luggage among the sea of black baggages after a long haul flight. That’s why I travel with the Antler’s Juno in teal – it’s lightweight (more shopping!), contemporary and the seafoam colour gives me the comfort reminder of the amazing holiday just passed before reality sets in.

What are your must-pack items when you travel?

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